Leaders In Training Program

Big Sky’s L.I.T. Program is intended for those who take their faith seriously and have a deep desire to grow as a disciple of Christ. Relevant leadership classes, work experience and learning from mature college leaders will all cultivate this growth. Participants will also partake in much of the behind the scenes work that keeps camp running. Of course there is always time for activities such as banana boating, archery, high ropes and just having fun together! The L.I.T. Program is also a great opportunity to be recognized for future staff positions at B.S.B.C.
All sessions begin Sunday at 4pm and end Friday at 4pm, except for Camp Promise sessions.

Session #1 – June 18-23 (High School Week)
Session #2 – June 27-July 1 (Special Camp Promise Session)
Session #3 – July 4-8 (Special Camp Promise Session)
Session #4 – July 9-14 (1st Junior Week)
Session #5 – July 16-21 (All Girls Junior High Week)
Session #6 – July 23-28 (2nd Junior Week)
Session #7 – July 30-Aug 4 (Junior High Coed Week)
Session #8 – Aug 6-11 (Man Week)
Session #9 – Aug 13-18 (3rd Junior Week)

Apply Online
Online Application is now available through our online registration platform. To begin, click “Online Application” at the right. If you have registered online for a summer camp in 2016 or later, you should already have an online account. If not, you will have to create one. When you select the LIT session(s) you are applying for, you will be notified that you are being put on a waiting list. This is to allow our staff time to review your application, and does not necessarily mean that the session is full. You will be notified (usually within one week) of the status of your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Apply on Paper

Click “Paper Application” at the right to download the LIT Application. Print and complete the form and mail it back to us. We will contact you (usually within one week) regarding your application.

This program is free for all participants.