Ropes Course Rental

Our Ropes Course is the highlight of many of our campers’ week at camp. We have both high ropes and low ropes elements. The high elements challenge people to overcome a fear of heights and build trust in others and confidence in themselves. The low elements offer more team building activities where groups work together to complete a task or solve a problem. We inspect all of our equipment frequently and our staff are well trained so that we can keep all of our participants safe.

We welcome groups of all ages; school groups, businesses, teams, Sunday School classes and any other groups where teamwork and trust is needed. A standard group will come for about three hours and choose three different elements to do, but groups are welcome to do more or less depending on time or size. Group leaders are welcome to pick which three elements they would like to do or the staff at Big Sky can choose based on the goals of the group. Below is a small description of each of our elements. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a day at the ropes course contact Ryan at 406-837-4864 or

The participant is harnessed into a giant swing. After being pulled up into the air by a team of people, a release is pulled by the facilitator, which makes the participant free fall until the ropes catch them and they swing like a pendulum.
Similar to the giant, the participant is connected to one of the rope while the rest of the team is on the other end. In this element, at the facilitators’ command, the participant runs one way and the team runs the opposite way. This pulls the participant up off the ground making it feel like they are running through the air
In this element, the participant climbs a telephone poll with pegs. The participant balances on top of the poll and attempts to jump for a bar in midair.
This element involves two participants. They each climb opposite trees that have a cable in between them. Once reaching the cable, the participants both attempt to walk across to the other tree. Each participant is holding onto the same rope providing each other with tension so they can balance better.
Another partner element where two participants have to work together towards the goal. The name of this element explains it well, a giant ladder, where 4×4 beams are the ladder rungs between two cables. The beams get progressively farther apart as the partners climb up. For an added challenge, act as though the participants will get an electric shock when they touch the cables.
Big Sky likes to make good use out of all the space we have around camp. That is why we built our climbing wall on the side of the barn. Participants have the option of choosing three different ways up the climbing wall depending on how much of a challenge they want.
Climb a ladder 15 feet up to a platform and step, scoot, or jump off as you enjoy a ride across Peterson Lake on a 350 foot zipline.
Spend 20 minutes or 2 hours participating in Big Sky’s Low elements. These are great for building teamwork, challenging minds, and trying to solve problems as a group. The low ropes course is great to do as one of the 3 elements because it involves everyone and is perfect for participants who don’t like heights.

Ropes Course Rates

Number of Participants Price per Hour
12 or Less $35 / hour
13-24 $60 / hour
25-36 $90/ hour
37 or more Call for pricing