Food Services

Planning a retreat here at Big Sky Bible Camp? Let Big Sky staff do the cooking for you. We have a certified food service manager along with many cooks who have years of experience cooking for small and large groups. Planning a retreat and purchasing food is a stressful experience! When Big Sky prepares meals, we deal with the stress and allow you to invest more time and energy into the retreat. You pick the meal times and our cooks will have the food hot and ready for your group to come and enjoy while fellowshipping around the table. We desire to offer the highest quality food at the lowest possible cost. Because of the high cost of ordering and cooking food, guests must pay for at least 20 people when Big Sky is providing meals.

Big Sky is pleased to offer 2 different meal plan tiers. It is important to note that whichever tier you choose, our cooks will serve quality, good tasting food. Pictured are sample menus for each tier. These samples are not the set menus for your stay, but are examples of the kind of food we would be cooking for you. We also welcome groups adding extra amenities to their meal plan option. For example, if a group desires the less expensive tier, but would like a nicer meal for supper or Sunday lunch, we can do that for an additional cost. These menus are for a standard weekend stay that includes meals for Friday supper through Sunday breakfast.

Rates for tiers one and two are below. This includes the facility rental and food service.

Tier 1:
2 Nights/ 5 Meals – $55/ person
2 Nights/ 4 Meals – $50/ person
1 Night/ 3 Meals – $35/ person

Tier 2:
2 Nights/ 5 Meals – $90/ person
2 Nights/ 4 Meals – $82/ person
1 Night/ 3 Meals – $55/ person

** Children under age 2 are free. Ages 2-8 are half price