The Gospel is for Everyone

“…I didn’t know how to interact with them which made me avoid interactions with them, not even being willing to say hi or give them a smile.”With the exception of seeing a stranger with special needs in public, my first real exposure to people with special needs was at a camp I had been a counselor at in Pennsylvania. Like … Read More

Uninhibited Heart

If you have never sung a worship song or prayed with a group of Camp Promise campers, you have missed something. One of the best things about the uninhibited hearts of my Camp Promise friends is the sincerity of their love for God, expressed in their worship of Him. It truly is a taste of heaven, I feel! May God … Read More

Kingdom Building One Person at a Time

I can remember the first day I stepped foot onto the grounds of Big Sky Bible Camp. I had just become a Christian a few months earlier and within weeks I was about to be married. Young, eager, and excited to see what God wanted to do with my own life, I was in awe of the beauty of the … Read More

Keeping Our Promise

I am often asked about the progress of Big Sky’s expansion project – titled “A Promise Kept.” Have we broken ground? How much money have we raised? What happens next? Where is the facility going to be constructed? I appreciate when folks inquire about the project because I know they care about it! It is definitely a challenge to keep … Read More

One Size Does Not Fit All

We have some times accepted campers who we knew had challenges that would really stretch our staff, because we’ve seen the look of utter exhaustion on a single mom’s face pleading for a break of refreshment. In the 27 summers of Camp Promise, we have tried to reach out to as many campers as possible, regardless of financial, behavioral or … Read More

The Need for Special Needs Ministry

The date was Tuesday, July 1, 2008 and this was my first exposure to Camp Promise and to special needs ministry in general.  It may sound maudlin, but I can honestly say that on that Tuesday, after several days of training, when the campers descended upon Big Sky, my life was changed.  It being my first experience with Camp Promise, … Read More