The Opportunity of Camp

The definition of “opportunity” is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. A local pastor who is heavily involved at Big Sky has helped me to see that one of the primary benefits of camp is that it provides opportunities. It provides a set of circumstances, such as a raucous cabin of youths that make it … Read More

Changes, changes, changes

It has been a long while since we posted a director’s blog, but after some encouragement from people that have actually read it, we decided to resurrect the blog.  Our goal with the blog is to share with you about what is going on at Big Sky Bible Camp and Camp Promise as well as to help you get to … Read More

Ground Breaking

Many of you are aware that Big Sky Bible Camp is in the middle of a very exciting project! As numerous parents can attest, most of our camps throughout the summer (Camp Promise for special needs, traditional camp, day camp) are full! We are currently fundraising for a new facility, which you can learn more about at All the … Read More

A Challenge to Parents

Whether we like it or not, as parents, our children represent us (I am the father of six!). Of course, they exhibit our characteristics, habits, etc., but it is remarkable and scary how much they exhibit our faith as well. After a week of having campers here, it is clear to us which parents are intentionally teaching their children about … Read More

A Challenge to Big Sky Campers

True life is not found in sports, relationships, drugs or anything of the sort. In fact, true life is not found in anything that will pass away if this world were to end right now. True life is found through the gospel of Jesus Christ explained in the Bible. True life is understanding that this world promises happiness and delivers … Read More