Four Lessons Big Sky Bible Camp Has Learned From 70 Years of Ministry

*Note: If you would like to learn more about the legacy of Big Sky over the last 70 years, join us for our 70th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday from 4-8pm. More information can be found at When Jean Clark and Hazel Simonton felt the call of God to start a Bible camp in 1947, they founded their work on … Read More

Do They Understand the Message?

Special needs campers are very similar to children in this regard. We often think of their understanding of the gospel within our own human limitations, forgetting that regeneration is a work of the Holy Spirit, who is not limited by physical or mental disabilities. In Matthew 11:25, Jesus states, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you … Read More


Well, the summer staff has arrived and we are busy preparing for a summer of ministry. What happens during a week of orientation at Big Sky Bible Camp? What kind of training do we do? Most people probably have not given much thought to the preparation that goes into summer camp, so I thought it would be helpful to give … Read More

BSBC and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

1) Expect the gospel of Christ to be shared with your child. We are explicitly a Bible camp and we teach the Bible here!  Expect your children to be taught about such things as sin, salvation, the holiness of God, mankind’s need for a Savior, etc.  This is one of the primary reasons why Big Sky exists – to share … Read More

Why Send Your Child To Camp?

Summer is approaching rapidly and with it come myriad choices for your children (or yourself if you are camper age!). Sports camps, vacations, summer programs, visiting family members, reunions, etc.! It is truly amazing how quickly a summer fills up with “stuff” so why bother with Bible camp? Well, here are a few reasons we think Bible camp is still … Read More

The Ministry of Nursing

In my opinion, one of the most important positions at camp is that of the camp nurse.  Whether it be dealing with a bee sting, asthma, a severe headache or any other ailment, simply stepping into the nurse’s office almost makes campers feel better in and of itself.  I don’t think nursing is often viewed as a ministry in our … Read More

Service, Joy, and A God Who Works

My greatest times of joy and laughter, as a counselor, came from counseling during Camp Promise. I will say, however, that I was a bit hesitant to counsel for that first week. During the weekend of orientation, there was a time set aside for counselors who had previously counseled during Camp Promise to share stories of their experiences as a … Read More

Measuring Success in Ministry

In the secular world, success is measured largely by margin of profit. Other indicators of success might be good customer service and retention. The nice thing for the secular business is that most indicators of success are measurable. The challenge with the ministry which we are involved in is that, according to our definition of success, we have a hard … Read More

Where are the young men?

Perhaps it is our shortage of male counselors for this summer that is affecting me, but I am feeling a void of young men who are interested and willing to serve the Lord.  I am talking about young, college age men.  Sometimes I feel as though they disappear from our churches and ministries upon turning 18 years of age, perhaps … Read More