A Challenge to Parents

Whether we like it or not, as parents, our children represent us (I am the father of six!). Of course, they exhibit our characteristics, habits, etc., but it is remarkable and scary how much they exhibit our faith as well. After a week of having campers here, it is clear to us which parents are intentionally teaching their children about … Read More

A Challenge to Big Sky Campers

True life is not found in sports, relationships, drugs or anything of the sort. In fact, true life is not found in anything that will pass away if this world were to end right now. True life is found through the gospel of Jesus Christ explained in the Bible. True life is understanding that this world promises happiness and delivers … Read More

The Importance of Para in Parachurch

While our desires and goals are very similar to the church, the staff and leadership of Big Sky understand that we are here to assist the church. If we have a camper who comes to Christ, our primary goal is to convey the importance of connecting with a local church body. We will even strongly recommend specific churches to campers … Read More

Four Lessons Big Sky Bible Camp Has Learned From 70 Years of Ministry

*Note: If you would like to learn more about the legacy of Big Sky over the last 70 years, join us for our 70th Anniversary Celebration this Saturday from 4-8pm. More information can be found at www.bigskybiblecamp.org/events When Jean Clark and Hazel Simonton felt the call of God to start a Bible camp in 1947, they founded their work on … Read More


Camp Promise is officially over at Big Sky and 99 junior campers are now everywhere. The goal of this blog is to give credit to the staff at BSBC for all of their hard work over the last two weeks. As Mr. T (ask any camper or Camp Promise camper who Mr. T is and they will tell you!) is … Read More

Do They Understand the Message?

Special needs campers are very similar to children in this regard. We often think of their understanding of the gospel within our own human limitations, forgetting that regeneration is a work of the Holy Spirit, who is not limited by physical or mental disabilities. In Matthew 11:25, Jesus states, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you … Read More