A Promise Kept

Ground Breaking & Fun Run

Join us for a ground breaking celebration and Fun Run on Saturday, May 5, 2018! Visit our events page to learn more.


  • Big Sky has decided to go with Zach George Works for the architectural work. Zach and his wife both grew up in the Flathead Valley and we are looking forward to working with him and seeing the design continue to develop! Our initial meetings have went well and it is exciting to start figuring out the design!

  • A to Z engineering, the firm who has been doing the septic and water systems for the new facility, has already submitted plans to the DEQ and is continuing to respond to their questions. This process should be complete in the near future.
  • We are so thankful to all those who gave year end gifts to the A Promise Kept project. In total, we received over $50,000 in December alone. We praise God for his provision!

The Promise

We have entitled this project, “A Promise Kept,” because it involves a promise between Big Sky and its campers.  The promise is that Big Sky will provide a place for those with special needs to learn from the Bible while experiencing new activities, making friends and providing a much needed break for their caregivers. In order to keep this promise, Big Sky will build a facility to meet the unique needs of our campers and provide them with new opportunities. A facility of this scale has been talked of and dreamed of since Camp Promise began in 1990.  Our goal is to remember those that society tends to forget.  Our promise is also to the countless other campers and adults that Big Sky serves.  We desire to be faithful with the ministry God has entrusted to us and we believe that He is leading in this direction. 

The Need

Camp Promise, Big Sky’s camp for those with special needs, is currently limited to a two week slot in between all of Big Sky’s other programs.  These two weeks are always maxed out resulting in some campers being placed on a waiting list. As a staff, we know there is unlimited potential for a full summer of ministry to those with special needs.  Currently, Camp Promise uses Big Sky’s facility which is 40-60 years old and is not ADA accessible.  All of these factors limit the ministry of Camp Promise significantly. 

During the past few summers, Big Sky has also been turning away an increasing number of traditional campers due to high demand and a facility running beyond its maximum capacity. During the summer of 2017, we particularly felt the need to expand as almost every week of camp was filled to capacity.  Furthermore, we are regularly cooking for 150 people in a kitchen and dining room meant for about 40-50. This is a good problem and we are excited about what is happening, but is also evidence that it is time to expand here at Big Sky. 

The Dream

As can be seen by the sketches below, the new facility will include a dining room complex with a full commercial kitchen, meeting room for up to 100, dining room that can seat up to 230 and lounge.  It will also include 8 duplex cabins.  Each cabin will include a queen bed and two sets of bunks.

The duplex units as well as the new meeting room will be used primarily by Camp Promise during the summer months.  All of Big Sky’s campers will eat in the new dining room with plans for the old dining room to eventually be turned into a snack shop type building. 

Throughout the year, guest groups will have the choice between renting the new facility, the old  or the entire facility.  This will allow us to host larger groups as well as two groups simultaneously.  This will be extremely helpful as all of the choice weekends throughout the year are booked solid by guest groups.

The Financees

Big Sky has a no debt policy and will be building this facility entirely based on donations and grants.  If you would like to donate, please contact us or click the donate tab.  If you would like to help us raise funds, please contact Jamy!

Click to expand the images of preliminary plans below.

New Facility Location

The new facility will be just past the archery range on the northern portion of BSBC’s property.

Dining Hall

The new dining hall would comfortably seat 250 adults, have a fully operable commercial kitchen, a meeting room for up to 100, and a lounge.

Housing Units

The new facility would incorporate eight housing units of two for a total of sixteen housing units. In total, the new units could sleep 64 individuals.